What is Draw in 3d?

Draw in 3d is, as the name implies, an intuitive 3d drawing app. It's really as simple as that. Instead of traditional 3d modelling methods, Draw in 3d focuses on a more "natural" approach. There is no positioning of points and polygons, you just drag your finger across the screen, and voila - it's 3d. Pretty amazing right?

  • Easy, fast, intuitive and fun!
  • 50% more dimensions than regular drawing apps!
  • Draw while spinning for amazing results
  • Share your drawings in full 3d, like this
  • Supports 3d printing

Why should I use it?

If you like to express yourself creatively in new ways, but don't necessarily enjoy the complexity of traditional 3d applications - then Draw in 3d is for you! My focus with this app, is supplying an alternative to the often menial task of creating objects in 3d. Draw in 3d is not really intended for professional use. But instead my goal as a developer is to empower the everyday Joe to create something new, fun and exiting, that would require either a lot of experience, or time, using traditional means - wether it be doodling for fun, or creating objects for 3d-printing.

I'm fully comitted to making Draw in 3d the best that it can be - but to do that I need your help! Soon after launch, I will establish a public board (Trello), where you can vote on upcoming features as well as suggest new ones. The whole development process will be 100% transparent - and all new features will of course be free of charge. No in-app purchaces here!

Video preview

Talk is cheap, and to really convey what the app is about you have to see it in action! Here's a trailer outlining some of the main features of the app. If you want a more in depth look, you can try the web-build of the app at the top of the page (not available on mobile).

Share / export

Draw in 3d supports a wide array of share/export options

3d-viewer url

To fully appreciate the glory of the third dimension, the 3d-viewer is the way to go! - Instead of simply sharing a screenshot you can use this to upload your drawing to the cloud, and share a link to the 3d drawing - exactly matching the experience you have in the app (minus the drawing part of course). It looks like this.

3d printing

I'm very passionate about the future of 3d-printing, and Draw in 3d of course has this functionality - you just export the drawing as an .stl file and import it into your chosen 3d-printing software. It is recommended to use a cloud service like netfabb to fix any mesh overlaps and such, before printing.

Mesh export

Even though I complain about the difficulty of traditional 3d applications - They are still essential for serious content-creation. That is why Draw in 3d is fully compatible with almost all 3d applications. You simply export your drawing as an .obj file which then can be imported for further work / rendering etc. in another app.


More of a 'still-leben' kind of person? Here's a few shots from the app, without all that pesky motion.

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